Project Funding
Quantum Joint Venture Funding
Quantum Funding normally only involves itself with Government and Select Joint Venture Projects.  These include:

Quantum Funding of Government
Supported Projects:

1.  Affordable Housing Projects using Quantum's
ICF Construction systems.

2.  Plasma Gasification for the elimination of Municipal and Industrial Hazardous Solid Waste

3.  Bio Fuel Operations for the elimination of regional agricultural waste.
Quantum Funding of Private
Commercial Projects:

Private Commercial funding normally involves Private Joint Ventures with very select Philippine Entities.  These include:

Hotel Acquisitions
JV Funding for new Hotel Construction
JV Funding for Select Commercial Projects
JV Funding for Offices, Shopping Malls, 
Hospitals and other operations.

JV Parties must have a hard equity position in any project for Quantum's 100% Funding options.  This can be done with an SBLC's or other form of equity. 

For additional Information, or to submit a possible project to Quantum please contact Al Johnson at
our Houston Offices.